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Difference between Translation and Interpretation

Translation and interpretation are often mistaken for each other and even replaced when used in a piece of writing. However, there are subtle differences between the two, where interpreting involves converting spoken words from one language into another and translation is conversion of written words. Consequently the job profile for an interpreter is quite different from that of a translator.

An interpreter is required to work along with people, whereas a translator can work from home, simply converting one piece of text from one language to another. Being into verbal communication an interpreter must accurately judge the style and tone of the speaker to correctly convert the conversation into the target language. This has to be done carefully, as the tone of the interpreter can easily mislead the listener, leading to misunderstanding. An interpreter’s task, thus, is slightly challenging compared to that of a translator, even if judging the mood of a text during translation is also important.

Another major difference is that interpretation is something that is done one-on-one often without any reference to external sources such as a dictionary. He must therefore know the language very clearly and accurately to make correct conversion. Even a single word interpreted wrongly can convey a completely different meaning. On the other hand, a translator can sit with books and a dictionary, thus making more accurate and exact conversion of text from one language to another. He may not even know the source language very well and would be able to make the conversion by using appropriate resources.

In any case both types of services require complete knowledge of culture of both source and target languages. SOS Talk is one such telephone interpreting service with not only bilingual but also bi-cultural staff. This helps better understand the emotions, feelings and mood being conveyed by the speaker. For instance, business often requires a serious tone; however some languages naturally have a serious tone, making quite challenging for an interpreter to convey a message.

Apart from this, the interpreters at SOS Talk are quite conversant with a number of languages used worldwide. These languages include French, German and Greek to Japanese as well as Korean. The service also provides interpreters for languages within a country, such as Kashmiri, Kannada and Sindhi, in case of India. SOS Talk provides very good service at competitive prices, with no start-up or minimum charges. You can even try the service before making a decision of hiring the company for your interpreting needs.

Accurate interpretation is an important part of communication, especially in terms of business. It may happen that you need to be in conference with several clients or employees at the same time, all belonging to different countries. A service like SOS Talk comes in very handy in such situations, providing impeccable service at affordable rates.

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