Worlds most advanced telephone interpreting system
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  • SOS Talk the company

    We offer the most advanced telephone interpreting system

    No start cost, just a price per minute with free recording of the call

  • No call agent to setup the call

    SOS Talk is the most easiest way of getting an interpreter on the phone

    Easy and clear, just a price per minute

About SOS Talk

Currently, we have around 800 interpreters available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All our interpreters are qualified, experienced and tested in order to give you the best quality.

Certified, Experienced and Educated Interpreters

All of our interpreters are bilingual/bi-cultural professionals trained to perform several complex tasks:
listen to the speaker, analyse a fleeting and yet real message in its entirety, interpret the message into another language,
preserving the characteristics of form and substance inherent in another culture.
We have interpreters proficient in medical, legal, business, government and
insurance terminology as well as many other terminologies.

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