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  • We offer a regular telephone interpreting call

    Read below more about the difference between an interpreting call and conference call

  • We offer telephone interpreting conference calls

    Call your client in China with an interpreter on the phone. Start making your business clear in communications

Services we provide

How does our system work?

Using SOS Talk is very easy; you can start by following these three easy steps

  1. Register
  2. Upload funds to your account
  3. You will receive a unique ID and password by email and then you are ready to start using SOS Talk.

After the registration you can start calling on one of the following phone numbers:

  1. UK +44-2034110488
  2. Netherlands +31-208005050
  3. USA +1-9146127159

In case you don’t know the foreign language of the person can be easily identified, click here for our language identity card. In this way the person can show you which language he or she speaks.

What do we offer?

Regular telephone interpreting call
Telephone Conference Interpretering Service

Telephone interpreting allows you to have an interpreter on the phone. If you have a meeting in your office and you do not understand your client, you can put your interpreter on your telephone’s microphone and he or she can translate the conversation in real-time.
You can also use the hands free option on your mobile phone for business meetings or problems when you are on a holiday. So, you can have a three-way conversation: the interpreter, the foreigner and yourself.

What is telephone conference interpreting?

Telephone conference interpreting allows you to have an interpreter and your client based in another country on the phone at the same time. This involves establishing a three-way call. In this way you can have a quick conversation with your manufacturer in Hong Kong for example or any other important telephone conversation. The interpreter can then translate the conversation between you and your client.


If you want to use an interpreter that you have used in the past, after each call you will automatically receive an email stating the ID number of the interpreter. Please keep this for future reference.

In your online account you can see:
  • Details of the interpreting call
  • Logs about the duration of the call
  • Languages which you used
  • ID of the interpreter that you have used
  • Your financial account
  • And much much more.

SOSTalk is owned by Universal Translation Services, NieuweStaatsbaan 14, 2360Oud Turnhout, VAT no. BE0889814058.

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