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Welcome to our SOS Talk affiliate  program!

SOS Talk is a new way of getting an interpreter on the phone at any time and any moment of the day. We have developed a system where it is no longer necessary to book your telephone interpreter. Just create an account online, upload money and start using SOS Talk. Using your client number and pin created with your account, you can call the system and select the telephone interpreter in the language combination you need.

SOS Talk will automatically connect you with the interpreter. Free recording of your telephone conversations. If you prefer to regularly use the same interpreter, you will have the option to select the interpreter based on their ID. After every interpreting phone call you will receive an email with all the details including the interpreter’s ID. But there is more. Conference calls can easily be setup with an interpreter.

Regular telephone interpreting services are charged at 1.98 Euro per minute and conference calls 2.98 Euro per minute.

Sign up for our affiliate program and start earning money. We pay out 15% of the amount that clients upload in our system to start using the telephone interpreting service.

Join now! and find how easy it will be to find new clients for this revolutionary way of getting an interpreter on the telephone.

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