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Main Advantages When Interpreting Over the Phone

Interpreting Over the Phone

Interpreting over the phone is an excellent opportunity for businesses and has a few important advantages.  It is often cheaper than using on-site services and there are also other advantages.

Main Advantages of Interpreting Over the Phone

  • 24/7 availability – the need for interpretation often happens to be urgent. Telephone interpreting is an excellent option in the cases of medical emergencies and crimes. Using such services for business needs gives you the opportunity to communicate with your business partners whenever you want. This is especially useful when you are located in different time zones. For interpreters this is also useful because they can set whatever schedule they feel comfortable with and they can change it at any time.
  • Great language availability – you have the opportunity to work with a translation company which is able to provide interpreting of a great language variety just at the press of a button. Think about how hard it is to find a translator of a rare language. Now, this is no longer a problem. For interpreters this is also an advantage because they get more work, no matter if the languages they interpret are rare or common.
  • Confidentiality – is some situations using an interpreter who is located somewhere else helps the parties feel more confident about confidentially. Remote interpreters are being trained to act professionally, keep confidentiality and staying calm, even in conflict situations. As an interpreter, you will feel more comfortable when interpreting over the phone as you are doing it from your home.

Greater Motivation of the Interpreters

This is not the most obvious factor but is still an important one. The interpreters who work over the phone are often truly motivated because they are able to work from a less stressful environment. In the case when the interpreter is not in the same room as the speakers, staying focused may be easier. Thus, the interpreter wastes less energy for making this interpretation and this helps him or her in better focusing on the subject.

Also, interpreting over the phone allows the linguist save time and money for reaching the place where the services are needed. Being so flexible motivates the interpreters and helps them provide a quality interpretation.

If you need phone interpretation services for any language combination, open an account with us, we have interpreters available 24/7.

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