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How to Provide Both Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation over the Phone?

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation over the phone offers a lot of advantages for an easy and convenient communication between parties not sharing a common language. Telephone interpretation can be used for communicating successfully on both business and personal topics. You just need to choose a language and enjoy the benefits of receiving a quality translation right away.

The agencies which offer interpretation services over the phone provide both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for your business needs.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is also known as conference interpreting and it is an interpretation to the listeners in real time. They hear the interpretation via headphones and at the same time the original speech is still in progress. This kind of interpretation is generally used on formal situations when one person is speaking in front of an audience. Simultaneous interpreting over the phone is suitable for business discussion, training sessions, lectures and others made from distance. Thus, you will be able to receive useful information without being at the same place where the speaker is.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation involves translating what a person has just said immediately after it has been said. Professional interpreters are able to interpret in both directions and even to deliver the message with the same intonation and emphasis as each of the speakers, participating in the conversation.

When Should Consecutive Interpretation Be Used?

This is the better option for small groups or for dialogues between two people. The consecutive interpreter will wait until the speaker finishes and then will relay the message to the listener, using the same tone.

This type of interpretation is more like a conversation since both parties are able to speak to each other and just have to wait to hear the interpreter. Both parties need to be patient because by using consecutive interpretation the process takes more time in comparison with the simultaneous one.

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